Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to reach Kiriburu / Meghahatuburu


On 22nd Jun, I started to Kiriburu. No amount of googling fetched me any info about this place. Also, the few people who went there just didn’t care to post any info on the net for future tourist’s benefit. I wanted the future tourists to dodge such difficulty. If you find this info useful, do leave comment, no matter after how long are you seeing this. Before you read any further, consider two points first:

1. Are you young, healthy and looking for an adventurous trip? Read on. If not, this destination’s not for you. Open and search for a different destination.

2. What season is it now? It’s ok if it’s just before winter. If rainy, think of rescheduling. Rain played a spoilsport in my schedule.

Little intro about the places. Meghahatuburu & Kiriburu are two different places. Meghahatuburu is in Jharkhand and Kiriburu is in Orissa. Don’t worry about distance, border check posts, vehicle permits, etc. They are like two adjacent places in the same city blah blah …

Now, let’s get on to the point. You’ve 2 ways to reach there. (This info’s as on 22nd Jun‘07.)


1. Go to Manoharpur.

Now, don’t start mailing me about the train schedules and availability. Check them yourself from or Don’t jump with joy, if you found a train connecting your place to Manoharpur. Read on.

2. From here, you’ve to go by bus. Fare is Rs 45/-. That bus stop is just 3-4 min walking distance from railway station. There’re only 2 buses. First bus to Meghahatuburu is at 8.30. Next one at 13.30. That’s all. It takes 2 hrs to reach Meghahatuburu / Kiriburu. Don’t expect an expressway there. The road is just ok, with considerable bumps, to make sure that you don’t nap, unless you’re damn tired, and miss the surrounding beauty and at the same time not so bumpy to make you swear not to take that road again.

3. Ask the conductor if the bus passes the guest house (details given below) that you plan to stay in. Don’t start thinking of hiring another vehicle to take you there, if it doesn’t. It’s just round the corner.

4. Ideal trip is for 3 days, with 2nd day, preferably, being a working day. Make sure you reach Manoharpur by 7.30 AM on Day 1 and have your breakfast. Catch that 8.30 AM bus. After reaching, check in into the guest house. Also, ask the guest house in-charge if you can get breakfast/lunch/dinner in their mess. Generally, they provide. If you want to visit the mines and the ore treatment plant, set out immediately to SAIL’s office. Meet “Manager: Mines” and get permission to visit the mine and the treatment plant on Day2. Try for Meghahatuburu mines. They are better than Kiriburu mines. If he refuses to permit, don’t pester him. That poor guy has to consider so many factors, right from your safety to his and plant’s safety, before he permits. Who knows? You may be a Moubadi, carrying out a reconnaissance to plant a bomb. Carry any id card issued by government and your office id, to prove that you are not a Maoist. Carry an AK-47, if you’re a Moubadi.

5. I assume that you’d your lunch by now. Now, start roaming about the place. If you want, you can venture into the forest to catch a glimpse of some animals. Don’t ask me where you can find them!! Make sure you carry some basic items like a hi power torch, mosquito repellant etc. Spend time in forest according to your interest and adventurous spirit. Here ends Day1. Places of interest given below.

6. Don’t sleep till late morning. Wake up well before Sunrise and set off to “View Point”. I was told that one can see Sunrise and Sunset from that point. But, I found the name of the place as “Sunset View Point”. To see it by myself, it was a cloudy day and I couldn’t say Hello to sun even by mid-day. Now, come back to guest house and have your breakfast.

If you secured permission to visit mines and plant, visit them. Probably, you can come out by mid day. Spend remaining day by wandering around. By evening go to “Sunset View Point” and enjoy that.

7. Now starts Day3. Roam in Kiriburu / Meghahatuburu. Not much to see there. You can just get an idea of the lifestyle of people there. Reach your guest house by appropriate time and have lunch. Now, go to “Bank More” to catch the last bus to Manoharpur at 13.30, unless you plan to catch early morning bus.

To go back to Manoharpur, there are again two buses. 1st one at 5.30AM and last one at 13.30. Watch out. The buses are not always on time. At the same time, chances of them leaving before scheduled time are very very remote. Almost nil. You’ll be in Manoharpur within 2.5 hrs. Now, you’re back into this so-called civilized world. Get back to your home. Transfer all the fotos from your digi cam to your computer. Send me shots of the animals and moubadis, if you got any.


1. View Point (I already mentioned it).

2. Pump House (Water purification plant, near which there’s a beautiful waterfall).

3. Tholkobad (This is in the heart of the forest).

4. Kumdi (I don’t know much about this).

5. Rangirang Dam.

Don’t be disappointed, if you are unable to visit most of the places. They are closed, so that you don’t disturb the moubadis.


1. Saranda Rest House

2. Meghalaya Rest House

3. SAIL Guest House – I

4. SAIL Guest House – II (Ph: 06596 244303, Rs 200/- per day)

What? Why are you still on this page? If this info is sufficient, why do you need to look at the succeeding parts of this blog? Go to “Comments” and thank me.


1. Catch 2021 TATA Janshatabdi. (You can also try for passenger trains.)


Stn Code

Stn Name

Arrival Time

Dep. Time

























Train doesn't halt at this station, presently











































2. Get down at BBN. Go to Bus stand. Its around 2 km from the railway station.

3. You get some buses and some private vehicles to go to Meghahatuburu / Kiriburu.

Fare is around Rs. 50/-. Road is very bad. Don’t be surprised if you cross ditches 1-2 feet deep. In fact, you should be ready for them.

4. You are there. Refer to “Option 1” for some more info about the place.


joji said...


joji said...

Kiriburu - 6 hour journey from TATA.

Babloo said...

6 hrs in ideal conditions. Very good roads, traveling @ MPS, a good SUV etc.

joji said...

Kiriburu is a wonderful place, very naturally rich. School system are not that great. Education still need to improve a lot.

anirban said...

Thanks for the infos

PRASAD said...

Thanks for the information, for the telephone no. of the SAIL Guest House, in particular. It would have been nice to have a more detailed information as to the journey from Tatanagar to Meghahatuburu, especially for those who do not own a car.
P. Sengupta,
Dept. of Physics, Presidency College, Kolkata.

Joydeep Kumar said...
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Joydeep Kumar said...

Thanks a lot Babloo,
This writeup is the only usefull piece of article related to Kiriburu/Meghatuburu I found on Net.
You rightly said "...people who went there just didn’t care to post any info on the net...".
Thank You,
Thanx again...
- Joydeep

Satyabrata(Lipu) said...

most amazing article I ever expected in net about Kiriburu.I belong to that place.even in orkut i created one community for this place.some of the places u have missed r Base Camp.Ghagrati near to Bunker in kiriburu Plant,GiriRajeswari temple in Basecamp to hilltop Road.There are also no of beautiful girls in this place.Either u reach Barbil or Manoharpur ,,,u can ask local people to ask how to go to kbr if u have missed all the buses.hope u ll post some pictures also.

Raman kumar said...

thats great job man! I belong to that place. I always thought to put some info. on net about KBR/MBR but as u might be knowing that the net facility there was so...WORST 'can't be explained' . Anyway thats good job, thanks 4 such info.

Shalabh said...

Babloo ...Nice to see your blog on KBR and MBR ....You have give all the information ..which we have not given on the net ...thanks for that...I am from KBR & MBR I spent my 30 years ( right from child hood to till now ) in KBR and MBR ..its a great place ...there are lots of place as LIpu has mentioned ...also there is atleast 2-3 ways to reach this place via BBSR - Keonjhar - barbil ( by road ) , second is by TATA - Badajamda - Barbil ( Byu train) and then by road. and 3rd is from BBSR you can take flight for barbil and then you can take any vechile. View point is only known for Sun set ..not for sunrise...May be some one has misinformed you ..if you really want to see the sunrise please go towards Bolani checkpost throu Bank will see the sunrise...God bless KBR - MBR.

Ankit Pathak said...

only valuable info available on the net about the place..thank u so much.

JIBAN said...

Hi,, Thanks for your guideline, which enable me to get info about kiriburu..

thanks a lot...

J. Goswami

ARYAN said...

thanks babloo ji ur info is just awesome i m going to krburu to see my love kuku............ thanks ur info helped me a lot especialy guest house ph no .......... i m going by bike 4m ranchi thanks yaaaaaaaaaaar

ARYAN said...

babloooooooooo u rocks

Md. Hizbullah said...

rubbish ..........

Md. Hizbullah said...

the way narrating is very bad........

manish said...

Dear Babloo,

As per my knowledge Kiriburu is in jharkhand. Hilltop is the border of orissa & jharkhand.

joy said...

Thanks for your information. I want
to go here in Jan- Feb 2013.

joy said...

Hi! I want to go Kiriburu on Jan 2013 with my family. Can anyone informed me what the places of interest in Kiriburu. Khandadhar Falls is how far from Kiribur. Pls informed me on the email id

joy said...

Pls informed me tourist spot in Kiribur & Meghtaburu and surrounding area. I want to go there in Jan 2013.

Raman Basu said...

hello Mr. Babloo,
Its 2013 that I found your post in google search. However I like your post and travel details as well as the way you wrote was just humorous and logical. I also read your profile and accepted your say, I must say.. :)


amritesh said...

amazing article.. i stayed in meghahatuburu during my childhood when my father used to work there in a company.. now away from the country.. would like to visit once and recollect memories

amritesh said...

amazing article.. i stayed in meghahatuburu during my childhood when my father used to work there in a company.. now away from the country.. would like to visit once and recollect memories

virvikram roy said...

Armed with the info provided by you added to the little bit we managed to gather from local sources we are venturing out on a trip to Kiriburu this year end. Wish us luck! Shall post a few pics on return.
Dr. V.Roy

Sonu Tiwari said...

please give me detail of buses from tata to kiriburu

moon prasad said...

i want to visit kiriburu and its surrounding place but we dont have any information for lodging facility over ,hence request you kindly let us know about the lodging facility and cell no and contact person .my cell no-9835196696

Prantik Sarkar said...

I visited this place in 2000.
Total unplanned tour but enjoyed fullest. Like to visit once again

1.From Hwh to TATANAGAR JN through train
2.Then took a bus and went to CHAIBASA. Gather all the information from the forest department office.Took permission to stay forest guest house in Thalkabad and another place.
3. Take a train from CHAIBASA to BARA JAMDA. Spent night in railway waiting room.
4. Rent a Zeep from BARA JAMDA(Still remember the driver name ..Promod).Carried all the require food (Rice ,Daa l,Potato ,onion ,Egg ,etc) for three days for 8 people.
9. Visted Kiriburu / Meghahatuburu all the point and reach one forest bungalow. Right now can’t remember the name of that forest bungalow . Caretaker cooked for use and served lovely late lunch and dinner.
9.spent full night beside nearby waterfall and listening lots of noise (Elephant roars);
10. Next day we went for Tholkobad .On the way we checked Kumdi.
11.We spent two nights with in Tholkobad .Caretaker cooked food for us. we spent times in nearby village with tribal people. That was festival time. Just one day before festival of color Holi.
12. This is the place where we encounter with bunch of elephants. Somehow we escaped from their attack.(Suggestion is move with proper precaution and with experience people).This is one of my life time experience.
13. Next day we went to Manoharpur through our rented Zeep .From there through train reach Howrah.

kaukab said...

Visit our contact number 8895426064.we have our own resort in bolani

Unknown said...
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bijendar chaubey said...
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bijendar chaubey said...
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bijendar chaubey said...

Very good infor.Babloo !!! The entire information is correct & useful.I really appreciate your curiosity about the place which is unknown to most of the people in India.The place should be Visited by students & youths for a good educational & splendid natural beauty.I have completed my 10th &10+2 at Meghahataburu govt.high school & project central school respectively living there for 5 years during 1988 to 1993 next went to bokaro for graduation. I still remember all those days when i used to ride bicycle all around Meghahataburu & kiriburu bank more all up -down roads and frequently visiting hilltop ,basecamp, kumdi ,view point & many more picnic spots....I was there because my father was posted there under CISF ..


I wish to visit this winter.

Tapas Bandyopadhyay said...

how do I book kiriburu sail guest house.Kindly provide contact no or e mail

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Bablu for your excellent and detailed description of the place and how to get there. I went there last week based on your your article. Only one correction. Of late the so called Saranda Rest House has been converted into a hostel by SAIL Kiruburu authorities wherein they are bringing up orphan and/or poor children under CSR scheme. Therefore they do not accommodate any visitor/guest.
I would advise all readers to follow this article of Bablu if you are visiting the twin towns of Kiruburu and Meghataburu for the first time.
Thanks a lot Bablu once again Bablu for helping one and all with your detailed account.

Kabindra Roy said...

Phone number is given in the article Please go through the article once again

Kabindra Roy said...

Mind you it is extremely CHILLY in winters. Please go thoroughly prepared with all kinds of winter clothing

Unknown said...

I recall my visit to these places some 30 yrs back.
I used to ride on truck to reach Kiriburu.
A place with immense natural beauty & resources.
Those who love adventure, this is a place of choice.

Unknown said...

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Hemant Umorya said...

I have to go kiriburu my train will arrive at 5:30 pm after this is there any buses to kiriburu I hav an exam if anybody knows do post

Unknown said...

Hello Bablu,
1st of all, Thank you so much for your useful and lovely posts. As you say it before, No amount of googling fetched me too much info about this place. Yes, I am searching in this post demonetization era, still could able to find only few posts including yours. I don't know whether you still check this thread or not, but i have few quaries below. If some readers can help I'll be grateful.

1) I am from Kolkata and planning to visit Sarandah in the month of March,2019. will it be okay ?
2) Thanks to Mr. Prantik Sarkar although I got so many info, can you please tell that the permission procedure of Tholkobad Forest Rest house? Can I book it at the Kolkata office of JHarkhand Tourism?

Unknown said...

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Prantik Sarkar said...

I don't have much information regarding this permission process . Not sure this can be done from kolkata office or not. As per my experience ,we received permission from CHAIBASA.

Thanks and Regards,